Squid Game Season 2: We May Not See It Until 2024

Season 2 of The Squid Game is in the works, although the script has not been finalized yet. But The Squid Game could be a Netflix show.

After the first season set the world on fire, here comes Season 2 of The Squid Game. The popular Korean drama is the most watched drama in Netflix history. According to the release, the show reached 1.65 billion hours in the first 28 days after its premiere on September 17, 2021.

This is equivalent to 182,000 years. This series is a wonderful investment for its stars and producers. Interestingly, series creator Hwang Dong-hyuk waited around 10 years before the studio agreed to produce his own show.

Undoubtedly, those who were previously rejected are kicking themselves for attending the always exciting show. Fans are dying to know what will happen in The Squid Game Season 2.

Here’s what we know about the upcoming season of the current Netflix series.


Squid Game Season 2: We May Not See It Until 2024

Although Squid Game season 2 does not have a start date, series creator Hwang Dong-hyuk will be concerned about its development. Based on what he’s said so far, fans shouldn’t expect a second season anytime soon.

In March 2022, Donghyuk was contacted and said that he still did not have a script. “It’s going to be a big game, that’s all I can say,” Huang told Deadline. “I’m thinking and gathering ideas for the second season. I’ve just started writing.”

This happened. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Dong Hyuk gave fans an insight into the writing process for the second season. It looks like not much has changed, but at least it’s better than the timeline. “I have to work on the next project and meet with lawyers, managers, agents, and studios,” he told THR.

“I’m also working on another movie, and I have time to write the second season of The Squid Game at the end of this year or early next year. So for the last nine months, I’ve been doing it. There’s no time. It’s the busiest time of my life, and I think I’ll be busy for a while.


Squid Game Season 2: We May Not See It Until 2024

Season 2 of The Squid Game will be heavily involved in the discovery of a mysterious organization brought together by order of the crooked businessman Oh Al-Nam. According to series producer Hwang Dong-hyuk, “[The focus of the season will be the story of [Lee Jong-Jae’s character]] Song Ji-hoon uncovering [the secrets of the organization behind the drama],” he said. “The most important plot of season 2 will be the story of Ji Hyun meeting the people he is looking for.”

Donghyuk also says that he doesn’t want to be interested in the audience’s behavior. “I have seen a lot of people’s reactions to the show, but I don’t want to make a second season in response to those reactions. The philosophy I set for the first season will try to continue in the second season. To live up to expectations, I thought Ji Hoon Yoo returned on the plane one last time, and then what. I was surprised that it worked.”

Then came the potential “change.” “I can’t share more details now, but you know Seung Gi Hyun became a new person at the end of the first season, so what will the second season do about the new Gi Hun? It’s with new things. The character.”


Yes, it’s Leonardo DiCaprio. Leo isn’t shy about showing how much of a lover he is and returns to Donghyuk very happy. “Maybe if we get the time and opportunity, we should ask him to participate in the games,” he said. “We’re already laughing.”

Donghyuk then revealed to Variety that despite the show’s popularity, he didn’t want to include big names to earn money on his behalf unless Leo was allowed.


Squid Game Season 2: We May Not See It Until 2024

Now that it’s all said and done, what will happen in The Squid Game Season 2? Well, simply put, Song Ji Hoon seems determined to destroy an evil organization that wants to play God.

He’s made millions of dollars winning the Squid game, so he has a way of eliminating unruly and careless people. What’s even more interesting is how Ji Hoon destroys a successful organization that has been in the game for years. Basically, he’s just another person with the ability to survive or something like that.

This might be one of the most attractive characters that Song Ji Hoon can have in the Squid Game season. He must be a tough guy to get into this organization. That’s not to say the game was never difficult for him, but he had to find a way to fight back.

She wanted strong people around her like Ali, who is incredibly strong and defends the killer in a powerful episode of the first season. Ji Hoon has to reform himself to be stronger than him.

Ji Hyun had to leave his daughter in the United States before he left the agency. What will happen to Ji Hong’s daughter and ex-wife? Will the organization find a way to prevent this? Al Naam was the mastermind behind the whole organization, but who will replace him?

Could he be the man behind the golden mask? Known as Frontman (Hwang In-ho), this mysterious man is also worried about his police officer brother. The golden rule is to “show the body” when someone is really dead, but will Hwang Joon Ho make a comeback in The Squid Season 2?

He gets shot and falls off a cliff, but he looks like a very capable police officer. It is very likely that he will survive the fall and follow his older brother.


According to series creator Hwang Dong-hyuk, they are talking a lot with Netflix about Squid Game season 2 and season 3, and the talks may continue due to the popularity of the show’s first season. Donghyuk must pay reasonable compensation for canceling the show.

According to Donghyuk, “I’m currently talking to Netflix about season 2 and season 3.” Squid game “.” As of September 2022, Donghyuk has yet to complete the script, so a 2023 release date is not expected. It looks like we won’t be getting a second season of The Squid Game until 2024.


Squid Game Season 2: We May Not See It Until 2024

So you’re saying you can’t wait until 2024 for another Squid game update? Netflix feels your pain and works to solve it. How about a squid game reality show? In June, popular Netflix announced with a casting call that they would fill the void of The Squid Game with a reality show based on the popular series. What Squid has to say about the game: Challenge.

“You’ve seen the drama, now’s your chance to be a part of Netflix’s biggest social event!” Netflix said on his phone. “This unscripted show brings the scripted world of the drama to life. The protagonists will be immersed in the exciting game of Squid and will never know what will happen next.”

Here they will compete in exciting games to be the sole survivor and walk away with a life-changing cash prize. Who will be your friends in the future, who will you trust, and who will you betray in this ultimate test of character? *Please note: win or lose, all players remain innocent. But if you win, you win big! “

Now you might be wondering what does “big” mean? It starts with 456 matches. They will be tested again with new twists and additions to fight for the biggest prize in television history. The leading role, the biggest in television history, will compete for $4.56 million. Fortunately, the losers won’t actually lose their lives.


The Netflix world hasn’t been enjoying the show since Breaking Bad debuted on AMC, and it’s making it available to its fans through the streaming app. Breakthrough is undoubtedly the greatest show of all time.

The current Squid game has more stories than its predecessor. The Squid Game Season 2 – Most Anticipated and Current Show Discussions. But what about the Titanic show? What will happen?

“[Adding Hollywood stars] is not in the plan, and when the scene changes, maybe in season 3 – but for the second season, it’s still in Korea. There’s a big fan following, so we can ask if the time or opportunity is available. Join the game.


Squid Game Season 2: We May Not See It Until 2024

For those who want a quick refresher before watching The Squid Game Season 2, The Squid Game follows Seung Gi Hoon’s life and hundreds of other astronauts. This task can be “forgiven” because everyone is badly invited to the game.

The agent plays a child’s game with Ji-hoon and shows him that it is easy to make a lot of money if he wants to play this game. However, when many people come to play the game of Squid, they are shocked to learn that missing a part of the game will result in brutal death. In the first episode of “Red Light, Green Light,” half the people are killed by snipers.

Many other games take place, and characters are created, only to be killed in the Game of Thrones style. No one is safe, alliances are made and broken, and the game is deeply rooted in the plot of The Squid’s first season. Despite being called “slow and lazy,” Ji Hong passed the test.

He was paid millions of dollars but refused to use them. At the show’s end, Ji Hyun calls out and vows to destroy the organization that killed hundreds of people, including some of his friends. It looks like Squid Game Season 2 will go as promised with Gi Hun.

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