She-Hulk is receiving a tonne of negative reviews

Please don’t watch it now, but fans are crazy about another Marvel show. This time, She-Hulk takes a great swing in the Disney+ live-action MCU series starring Tatiana Maslany as a lawyer, Jennifer Walters. Series A receives a large number of 1-star reviews on IMDb, more than any recent Marvel show. This led some fans to accuse him of “revisionism.” Review bombing occurs when a vocal group of disgruntled fans joins together to “synthesize” a show’s ratings, giving it a low score. This is a trend that was observed at the beginning of the show, as seen on 20 August.

At the time of reporting, She-Hulk’s IMDB listing had 31.9% of all reviews as single stars. To date, 1-star ratings have accounted for over 33% of all reviews. Ms. Marvel was the only other series with more than a 10% one-star rating of 19.9%. All other series, including WandaVision (2.2%), Falcon and the Winter Soldier (2.9%), Loki (1.5%), and What the…, are all in one box. (2.1%), Hawk (1.5%), Chandra Rath (4.1%). While the difference between She-Hulk’s one-star rating and that of its predecessor is significant, it’s not the complete picture. It should be noted that 26% of all reviews so far give five stars, which is almost the same as negative, indicating that there are a large number of fans who try to inflate the rating artificially. This is a huge number. Even IMDB is divided, with tweets praising Maslany’s monologue from Episode 1.

Media such as Direct, which published the first reports about what happened, regarded the series as less honest, which only further divided the imagination. Instead of adhering to certain journalistic standards, these media supported the publication without acknowledging its obvious flaws. On the other hand, some clickbait sites describe the show as warning garbage, worthy of She-Hulk’s legacy, and worthy of fans’ respect. It’s a sign of the limitations Marvel fantasy has taken on these days: You either love the latest shows or hate them. In its review of the first four episodes, Direct called the show “another Disney+ success” without commenting negatively on any aspect of the series. Even the questionable CGI, though much better than the original trailer, gets its stamp of approval straight away. Is this top-shelf acclaim worse than a one-star rating, and does anyone want to give the show a fair rating?

No matter where you stand, it’s undeniable that Tatiana Maslany was an impressive choice to play Jennifer Walters. What would you say about the script or its intentions? But anyone who has seen Orphan Black knows that she is a great actress. She makes a great She-Boy character, although other aspects diminish both her abilities and character. Jennifer Walters’ habit of “breaking the fourth wall,” a plot device directly related to the comics, doesn’t translate well here, especially since Deadpool does it so well. Instead of taking the opportunity to interact with the audience, the script often makes Missoni smile, complain, or make useless remarks. It’s a missed opportunity, and while Jennifer shouldn’t be expected to emulate Deadpool’s villainous demeanor, it’s unforgivable that she failed to use her acting skills to give Maslany an autographed moment. However, while some might argue that the Hulk is too weak on the show or that Jennifer is the new “Mary Sue,” the truth is that the show is fun, with a light-hearted style that’s probably one of the Marvels. 

The show doesn’t do itself any favors, as the handling of some of its main characters in the MCU is highly questionable. Fans rejoiced when it was announced that Charlie would be returning with a role in Cox’s Daredevil series, but that fate ended when some fans were intimidated by the appearance of the costume. Others objected to the show, mocking Captain America’s Black Virgin. For a series about portraying gender stereotypes, the whole conversation felt weird and clever rather than awkward. Had the roles been reversed, a joke with Natasha Romanoff or Wanda Maximoff, might never have been published. However, this lame joke doesn’t justify a one-star rating for a show that has a lot to offer.

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