Discord Conference Call USA 2021

Long -term controversial users have the same original story. They like to play video games, and they like to play with their friends, so they use Team Speak or Skype to talk to their friends at games. They really hated Team Speak and Skype, but they were the only options.

In the end, most of these players thought something. They like to talk to their teammates when they are not in games, and they like to talk about other things than games. Their teammates are their true friends. Fortunately, in early 2015 a new device called Discard appeared on the market. The title isn’t short: “It’s time to leave Skype and Tim Speck.” Text communication is good, but voice communication is better than any other.

Fast forward a few years, and Discord is at the center of the gaming world. It has over 100 million users per month, which can be thought of for every game and players in millions of communities. The largest centers have millions of members. Discord is slowly building a career around this celebrity, and is now moving beyond the big demand: the platform is changing into something to talk about, not just for players, but , from recruitment groups to agricultural enthusiasts. Five years later, Discord only saw fit to lead something like the future of the Internet. Almost immediately.

Discord Conference Call

Personal and online communication has been an important feature of UNITE meetings in the past. With the resumption of our annual conference this year, the amount of time available for delegates to interact, network and exchange information outside of selected conferences has been greatly reduced.

To compensate for the lack of natural communication at this year’s conference, UNITE once again provided a discord center to use delegates during the conference.

Discord (discord.com) is a wireless, IP (VoIP) and digital broadcasting platform. The “server” of the conflict is a virtual one. A collection of “musical” text and audio / video messages pointing to a user community. Text channels act like bulletin boards or text chat rooms. All kinds of voices are held like a conference year. When you enter a voicemail channel, you can turn on video chat in that stream.

Discord is free to use. UNITE 2021 Conference Server is now available. To connect to this server, simply open the invitation link in a browser:

This page will guide you to set up a Discard account if you do not already have one. You will need to provide a “name” that allows you to identify other users, your email address, date of birth and password. The Discard system will send you an email to confirm your address. After clicking on the link in this email, Discard will open its web server in your browser. Click on the UNITE logo to enter our conference center.

You can download the original release for your computer or smartphone. The browser works fine, but we want to download an application, especially for mobile apps.

We have set up a conference center with text and audio for the many people we use in this conference:

  • Management and Planning (MTP)
  • OS 2200 Systems (OS)
  • Security (SEC)
  • Agile Business Suite / EAE (ABS)
  • Digital Transformation (DTR)
  • MCP Systems (MCP)

What is Discord

Discord The chat room creates a virtual chat room with great emphasis. (No video clips.) Each conversation will have its own “channel” for conversations that can take place during and after the conversation. Audience members, for example, can ask the speaker questions in this stream that the speaker can answer at any time to have the opportunity. It was also a place for the congregation to talk. In addition to chat channels, there are channels for technical support, as well as a fun virtual coffee shop, designed to complement our Gran Princeton Steak Small World Cafe.

In Discord, you log in with a single account, and this account can access multiple organizations / communities (called “servers”). The PSST / PΦF server needs an invitation link to join, which you can find at the end of this page.

(If you’re familiar with the Slick service, Discard is similar in many ways. The differences highlight the fact that Discard was created as a community site (for people who play online video games). ), Although Which Slack worked for workplaces.)

How To Use Discord

You can connect to Discard via an online connection, or through an application downloaded on your computer or mobile phone. By default, if you do not use a Diskcard, an invitation link to the server will take you to the server. If you do not have a Discard account, it is much easier to do so than following the PSST / PΦF.

Your discarded account will be associated with an email address and username. The name is case sensitive, followed by a hashtag and a 4-digit number. The text string can be changed, but not a 4-digit number.

The username you create will be visible on all the servers you join, but not the email. Once you are connected to the server, you can set a unique domain name for the server. It can change from time to time – it’s helpful to sign up for a name that you hope people at PSST / PΦF know about you.

Disposal centers are located in the streams, the communication rooms mentioned above. It is often numbered on the right side of the screen. It’s on top of a few control paths (#advertising and #help), then a group of social styles related to social breakouts in the zoom year, and then sections with individual streams for each PSST and PΦF. The talk has its sub-channel for this dedicated discussion.

You can allow people to follow their name with the ‘@’ sign on the disk. You can ping people on their behalf, provided by the administrators. For example, if you need technical assistance during a conference, you can go to the #help stream and click @tech (follow the description of your problem) to find out and to all things. If you want to create a custom ad, you can hit @allm to ping someone on the server.

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